Hobbies to Enjoy After Graduation

Can you believe it? We are ONE week away from graduation, a day I thought would never come. After years of studying, cancelling plans to study, missing out on family vacations because I had projects to finish, those days are finally over!

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My college career was nothing close to boring. In addition to my classes, I worked 15 to 20 hours a week, interned when possible, and attended many sorority events. Rarely did I have time to sit back and learn something new that wasn’t school related or have time for the hobbies I enjoy. I could be wrong but I like to think that I’ll have more free time for things I enjoy after graduation even with the newly added adult responsibilities. Here are just a few of the activities I hope to enjoy once entering the big girl world:

  • Get Back Into Church. I know, going to college doesn’t give me a pass to skip out on church. I know I need some more JC in my life and this is the time I’m really going to focus on it. I’ve felt really disconnected but I plan to pick up the bible and do a bible study with a few friends and read a few more books help my relationship with God.
  • Go Kayaking. My boyfriend Aaron got me a kayak for my birthday (he even put my monogram on it! Isn’t he cute?) and considering my birthday is in February, I haven’t really had the chance to take it out. This summer I plan to take it to so many new places.
  • Visit the farmers market. I literally get told all the time I’m the old friend of the group so I know my close friends are reading this thinking “only Shannon would spend her Saturdays after graduation at a farmer’s market.” But hey, that’s me! I’ve never really known where any are at and after doing some research in my new little town, there’s one not too far away. And I’m too excited for fresh flowers!
  • Exercise. Ew! Exercising is something I’ve never enjoyed. Even in middle school, I was the girl walking around the field instead of playing on it. It’s never been my cup of tea, but since I’m going to have a big girl job and can finally afford it again, I’m hoping to get my butt back in a gym.
  • Go Biking. I recently moved to Carrollton where we have the Green Belt. It’s the same idea as the belt line, just not in the city view. The 18-mile circle takes you around Carrollton and one area is around a little lake. The best part? I found a bike station at Target! Convenient, right?
  • Build a recipe book. Recently, I’ve learned that I enjoy cooking! That’s after I get past the step of the grocery store that is. I’m hoping to take this new hobby and start a little recipe book of all kinds of new recipes. It will include old family recipes and brand new recipes that I hope I can pass down one day.
  • Refinish old treasures. One thing that I enjoy doing is painting/refinish old furniture. Give me a wall to paint and I will find a way to mess it up and get stressed out in the process. Find me some old, beat up furniture and I’ll be at it for hours enjoying up every minute of it. Whether I decide to keep the furniture or sell it, I know this is a new hobby I’ll enjoy!

So those are just a few ideas I plan to make time for after graduation since I won’t have projects to do and tests to study for! Are you graduating soon? What do you plan to do with all of your free time?

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