8 Parties to Have If You Love to Entertain

There is nothing that I love more than filling my home with my friends and family. I always look forward to the holidays because I love having my large (50+) family members over for Christmas. Yes, it’s complete choas but it’s my favorite kind of chaos.

After I have one party I’m quickly looking at the next holiday on the calendar to see what reason we can celebrate next. Then it hit me – I don’t need a REAL reason to have my best friends and family over at my house. I’ll create the reasons myself.

I constantly look up parties on Pinterest that I can recreate in my own home. Some ideas I have done and they have been a hit and other ideas are ones I’m looking forward to planning.

  1. Brunch. Honestly, do you need a reason to drink mimosas and eat breakfast food? No. I had everyone bring a dish and I created a mimosa bar. I went to Total Wine and bought mini bottles of champagne for each of my guests and provided three juices and fruits. This party was so much fun and a major success!
  2.  Wine/Beer Tasting. I’ve heard from many of my friends that they are interested in trying a lot of new wines but don’t want to spend the money on a whole bottle in fear they won’t like it and their money is wasted (#brokegirlproblems). I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest and made a board specifically for a wine tasting party. My board includes every detail from decorations, wine tasting sheets, to what you should eat with what wines.
  3. Recipe Party. Cooking has recently became one of my hobbies. There is just something about making a delicious meal and sharing it with others that I love. If you and your friends enjoy cooking or trying to gain more experience in cooking, have everyone bring their favorite dish with the copies of the recipe on a card. What a great way to grow your own recipe book!
  4. Backyard Cook-Out. Grill out, chit-chat, play corn hole and eat the best food. I love spring and summer nights outside with delicious cocktails, fun games and great friends. Spice it up and play some backyard volleyball and create teams and brackets for added fun.
  5. Sports Party. If your “favorite” sports team has a big game, have a big party. I say “favorite” in quotations because just because I have a favorite team, doesn’t mean I really watch the game. I love the environment of sporting events, the yummy food, and any excuse to have people get together.
  6. Sweets Party. I have the biggest sweet tooth all the time. Anything chocolate, you can send my way. So what would make me the happiest girl on earth? Having a fun sweets bar and hosting a movie/tv show night and having my favorite gal-pals over for a slumber party. You’re never too old for that, right?
  7. Craft Party. Cue “This One Is For the Girls.” Have everyone bring something they’ve been wanting to craft and do it all together. For me, it would be these bathroom signs I’ve seen on Pinterest that are made out of wood planks with words like “relax” and “soak” perfect for a bathroom. Have everyone talk about what craft they want to make and see what others can bring. This might save you money on your craft at the end because you can borrow others tools instead of purchasing new items.
  8. Game Night. This “party” could be something small for your closest friends. Head to the store and grab your favorite board games or simply ask your guests to bring their favorite games to play. Provide easy-to-cook and easy-to-eat snacks and get started on your fun game night.

Have you hosted a party just because that was a major success? I would love to hear your story and see your pictures! Leave your ideas, thoughts and comments in the comments section below.

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