The Power of a Hand Written Card

Everything is so digital these days. Honestly, it seems getting a card in the mail, or even a phone call on your birthday, is just as rare as seeing a two dollar bill.

There is not many things I love more than getting cards in the mail. Birthday cards from friends or family always make me feel special.

And Christmas time! Don’t even get me started! Boy, when those start coming in the mail, I wrap the kitchen cabinets with ribbon and attach each card to the cabinet using a clothes pin as some kind of Christmas card museum (might sound tacky, but just pinterest it)!

But there is always another card that I just love receiving – a thank you card. It’s not because I  expect it. It’s because it really shows that someone spent time showing their appreciation by hand writing a note, tucking it in an envelope, addressing it and putting a stamp on it.


I always say that when I receive a thank you card, I’m always tempted to send a thank you card back! It’s like saying, “Thank you, for thanking me. That was really thoughtful of you to think to thank me.”

As a hoarder of everything stationery and meaningful, I keep my sweet thank you cards on my desk to randomly look at. My friends are great about writing beyond “thank you for the set of mixing bowls. I’ll put them to great use.” I’m blessed enough to have great friends that write about how thankful they are for our friendship (and the mixing bowls too, of course)! These are always great to look at when I need a little pick-me-up and never fail to make my day.

So next time you are feeling thankful, go beyond the text message or the Facebook post. You don’t even have to wait for a special reason; It doesn’t have to be a birthday or holiday. You don’t have to being saying thank you or celebrating a wedding or graduation. Send a card in the mail like the good ol’ days, simply just because.

Today, I challenge you to spread a little positivity using a real mailbox and send a hand written note to a loved one. Maybe to your grandparents that you don’t make enough time for as you wish or an old friend that lives on the other side of the country. Whose day will you make by sending a “Thinking of You” card?



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