Twitter Responds as Country Music Star Takes Over Super Bowl LI National Anthem

Moments before the New England Patriots took on the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas, for the Super Bowl this year, country music star Luke Bryan sang the National Anthem. According to ESPN Business Reporter Darren Rovell, Bryan’s performance was 2 minutes and 4 seconds.


Image Source: Billboard

Social Media Monitoring

While monitoring twitter using #Superbowl, #nationalanthem and #Luke Bryan I found out of a sample size of the first 50 tweets found, 45 tweets were positive and 5 tweets were negative.

I researched to see if there were any negative mentions of the performance and could only find blog posts about his 2012 performance at the All-Star Game where he sang from a few lyrics written on his hand. Most mentions of Luke Bryan’s performance of the Super Bowl LI National Anthem performance remains positive.



These results shows that the NFL finally gave viewers what they wanted to see. An authentic singer who is passionate about his country sing a song that matters so much. The NFL should learn that country music stars should be on the show more often, even as a half time show performance.

Luke Bryan was supported by many celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and NASCAR drive Austin Dillion. Replies to the celebrities’ tweets remained positive and supportive as well. The NFL posted a video to twitter of the full performance and also shared it on Youtube.




Many people were a big fan of the performance saying that Bryan didn’t over do it or butcher the song.


The NFL twitter account was very successful in keeping its audience updated throughout the game and showing its appreciation for those involved. They excelled posting the big moments and plays of the event as well as showing what happens behind the scenes almost immediately after airing.


Considering the research found, I have two recommendations for another successful National Anthem performance.

  1. Consider other options. Given that there was a lot of positive mentions on social media about the 2017’s National aAthem performance from a country singer, more country music or other genre of music should be considered for future National Anthem performances or half time shows. Pop singers dominate the list the half time show performances. Add variety from year to year. Big fans from specific artists are very likely to tune in just to see their favorite performer.
  2. Include the audience. Take advantage of the fact that people love giving their opinion on social media. No matter the circumstance, you can’t satisfy everyone but consider running a poll on the most popular social media platforms of who the Super Bowl’s audience wants to see sing the National Anthem and half time performance. It’s important to engage with your followers. By listening to who they want to see will keep football fans of any team loyal to your brand and keep them enjoying the show beyond the game.

Who would you want to sing the National Anthem at the next Super Bowl?

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