15 Ways to Become an Adult in 2017

Here it is the middle of January and I have finally came up with a New Year’s Resolution. Seeing that it is the year that I graduate college and become a scary thing called an adult, I figured I might as well figure out how to put that plan into motion. Here goes nothing!


1. Set an alarm for a time before 10 AM and actually get up.

This one is a struggle for me. I don’t sleep until crazy late but I’m trying to better about waking up early to get a start to my day. Have you ever woken up, gotten ready and started your to-do list before 9 AM not because you had to? When I do this, I feel like I can conquer everything on my list plus things I actually wanted to do.

2. Create a resume.

Call me crazy but I’ve been all about creating a resume since about sophomore year of high school. It’s never too early to create one and honestly it’s best to get a lot of practice because it’s not all that easy. Also, use this time to create a new email address. If you still have a email address that includes a hobby and/or nickname, that needs go. A good email address is simply your first and name name with an underscore or something simple.

3. Create a LinkedIn profile.

If you’re in college, now is the time to really create a LinkedIn profile. It’s a great way to find jobs and internships. If the only experience you have in being a waitress, don’t leave that out on your resume/profile. Every job matters because of the skills you learn. Get started on your LinkedIn as your building your resume that way when you actually need it, it’s all there.

4. Make your bed.

Believe it or not but this is such a hard task for me. Having your bed made-up can make your room appear cleaner if you have piles of clothes laying around (guilty!) and there is nothing better than coming home to a clean room after a long day.

5. Learn how to budget.

There is a different in “watching what you spend” and actually putting those numbers on paper. In fact, you might not realize how you spend your money until you see it written down. An app I recommend for budget is Mint. It connects to your bank account and categorizes your purchases for you. Once you get close to reaching your budget in a specific category, you get an alert.

6. Make a dish every week.

I could definitely cook more (Aaron would agree), but you have to start somewhere. Make a new meal each week and create a recipe book of the dishes you like. My friend Caitlin is becoming quite the cook and I see all of her tasty meals on Snapchat and always ask for the recipes. Exchanging recipes with friends is fun because who doesn’t like food? Am I right?

7. Pack your lunch.

One time my best friend and I decided we would calculate how much we spent eating out over the past month. I spent about $200 on eating out/Starbucks in one month. That does not include trips to the grocery store. Can you imagine all the things I could buy for that $200? By cooking more, like mentioned above, you can always save your left overs for the next day or two for lunch and save a lot of money.

8. Get a planner.

I don’t know many people that don’t have planners these days. Staying on top of your hair appointments, doctor appointments, birthdays, to-do lists and your overall schedule is a great way to keep you organized. My personal new favorite is Plum Paper because of the amount of ways you can customize them to fit your lifestyle.

9. Get ready most days.

I say most days because sometimes laying around all day in your pajamas is needed. Believe it or not I’m the girl that will do her hair when she has no plans to even leave the house. It makes me feel better about my day and also makes me want to get up and actually do something.

10. Open a savings account.

Create a savings account and do not touch the money once you put it in there. I repeat, do not touch the money until you are spending it on what you saved it for. There is nothing more rewarding than making a big purchase and knowing that you worked really hard for it.

11. Find a new hobby.

This semester is the first semester I’m taking off from working while I finish my last semester of school and intern 20 hours a week (we will see how long this really lasts). Those days and nights you aren’t working or doing homework, find something new you’re interested in or spend time doing something you already enjoy. A lot of people get wrapped up in their phones and Netflix during their downtime and forget to enjoy real experiences.

12. Learn a new skill.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? I’m hoping to take this semester to teach myself InDesign and Photoshop or learn from a friend. These skills are something to put on my resume to really set me apart and could be a lot of fun too.

13. Make your own doctors appointments.

Learn to take responsibility for your schedule. Get those phone numbers for your doctor’s office from mom and put them in your phone. Next time you’re feeling under the weather, be the one to set up your own appointment. And you have a fancy place to write it down once you get a planner!

14. Create your business wardrobe.

If you are in a career where you will be wearing business attire Monday-Friday, the time to start shopping is now. Honestly, I wish I did this sooner myself. Doing this in advance means you won’t have to spend a lot of money at one time when you actually enter the big girl world.

15. Create business cards.

One of my professors told my class to do this. I know what you’re thinking, “What would I even put on a business card?” My business card has my first and last name, school, phone number, email, and LinkedIn address. Use these bad boys at career fairs and to leave with people after being interviewed. One lesson I learned is if you give someone your business card, he/she will in turn give you theirs and now you have a way to reconnect and/or follow up with that person. Get a small box for fairly cheap on Vistaprint or Moo.

What are you tips and tricks at staying motivated to doing this weird, new adulting thing? Please leave your advice and ideas in the comment section below and don’t forget, sharing is caring.

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